Translate DManager in your language

You certainly appreciate this tool and you may be willing to contribute to it.

  • by translating the software into another language
    download the lang_en.php file, translate it (just edit the english strings after each "=>"), and send this file back to us. Don’t forget to tell us which language it is, and your name, so that we mention it into the source code.
    We will include it into the next release!
  • by translating the online help of the software (currently only available in french)
    The help is written using DocBook. You can translate the strings into your language, without the screen captures.
    We will add the screen captures into the help for the corresponding language.

For any suggestion or for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This software has been developed and maintained by two associates of Octopuce, a network operator and hosting service provider based in Paris, France.